6 Reasons why French Omelet are Healthy

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Above all whatever comes first should be our health. In this article, I intend to give all the health-related aspects of France’s famous, French omelette. On a side note, it is ‘readers friendly’ that you should not proceed with an empty stomach.

1.The low heat used causes less cholesterol

The ingredients of a french omelette are the same as many other types of omelette, as the American omelette. All you need is; eggs, unsalted butter, chives and salt. (Other ingredients to your preference.)

What makes the difference is the technique of cooking and preparing the omelette. French omelettes are prepared over low heat.

When you use high heat to cook eggs it oxidizes the cholesterol found in them to produce oxysterols which are linked to increases in the risk of heart diseases.

Using low heat in cooking French omelette reduces the oxidation of cholesterol which in turn reduces the production of oxysterols.

2.Eggs are a source of vitamins 

The main ingredients in a French omelette are eggs and butter. The eggs are cooked to a soft and tender texture which helps in maintaining a lot of nutrients that would have otherwise been lost if overcooked.

Eggs are rich sources of vitamins which are very crucial when having a healthy breakfast.

Eggs also contain a traceable amount of Vitamin D vitamin E vitamin B6 and vitamin K. Vitamins are essential for boosting the immune system as well as repairing cellular damages.

3.French omelettes are rich in proteins

What makes French omelette unique from all other types of omelettes is that it is served while still soft and tender in texture.

This allows you to get all the nutrients and proteins in the eggs with less dissociation. Proteins make about 30% of the eggs.

The main importance of incorporating protein in your diet is that it helps with bodybuilding and repair. Proteins are also good for your muscles and bones.

4.Healthy fats

Omelettes are rich in healthy fats that help provide energy for your body. The total percentage of fats in eggs is estimated to be around 68%.

The presence of healthy fats also helps to regulate your appetite by controlling the release of appetite hormones and therefore helps in reducing cravings.

This is the reason why it is possible to make omelettes for breakfast and skip lunch before getting hungry.

Omelettes for breakfast are therefore recommended for people intending to skip lunch for whatever reason.

Omelettes are also good for building and maintaining muscles, good for athletes or fitness enthusiasts.

5.Various traceable minerals.

Proteins and fats take a majority of an omelettes content however there are possible nutrients that are important for your body.

Omelettes are made up of calcium, potassium and iron. Calcium is important because it helps maintain stronger bones and healthy teeth.

Choline minerals found in eggs are also important in breaking down amino acids homocysteine, which is known to contribute to heart disease, therefore, helping in lowering the risk of heart diseases.

6.Eggs are good sources of energy

An omelette has about 154 calories. Calories are very important for energy. You need the energy to keep your internal organs operating well.

Even so, it is overall important that you be consciously aware of the calorie intake because it can also contribute to negative side effects in your body.


French omelettes are one of the healthiest and strong breakfasts to have.  However, They are pretty high in calories.

The cholesterol found in eggs is not necessarily very healthy, especially for people with pre-existing heart conditions.

However, it has not been proved that eggs can be linked with increasing the chances of getting heart diseases for healthy people.

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