How to burn belly fat

Ensuring that you have a trimmed midsection will always leave you with a beautiful body shape. Bigger waistlines are associated with a greater risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Burning belly fat helps improve the functioning of blood vessels, which has other associated advantages, such as improving one’s quality of sleep. Various factors affect the distribution of fat in the body, including genes, loss of muscle mass and hormonal changes. Numerous ways can help burn your belly fat, including taking dietary supplements and exercising. It is vital that when you are taking nutritional supplements, you make sure you purchase them from reputable brands. You can always visit reviews sites such as to identify reputable brands. Biogena is also worth taking a look at. Below are some ways that you can get rid of belly fat.

Lift Weights

Engaging the entire body in strength training can be very helpful when it comes to losing abdominal fat. It is categorised as one of the most effective methods. For maximum burning of belly fat, combine strength and endurance training. You’ll achieve a fat-free belly and an overall leaner body weight by having a two to three-week weight lifting program. Begin with a strength workout, then proceed to an intermediate program, and as you progress, you can even get into advanced supersets.

Take lots of soluble fibre

Soluble fibre is water absorbents and forms a gel that aids in slowing food down as it goes through the digestive system. Studies have shown that soluble fibre plays a role in weight loss, which helps in refuelling the body and thus, you can eat less naturally. It also reduces the number of calories absorbed by your body from food.

Take more whole grains

Whole grains have been proven to be a great source of fibre and have been established to decrease belly fat and the risk of cardiovascular disease in an individual. A study that involved 50 persons found out that individuals who consistently consumed whole-grain bread lost belly fat, but this didn’t happen to those who went for refined wheat bread. It is recommended that adults consume about five to ten ounces of whole grains daily. Some examples of whole grains include;

  • Popcorn
  • Wild or brown rice
  • Whole grain pasta
  • Whole-wheat crackers
  • Oatmeal

Take Lots of protein

Protein has been proven to be one of the essential weight loss macronutrients. Studies have indicated that protein can decrease craving by up to 60%, help one consume up to 441 calories daily and improve metabolism by 80 to 100 calories daily. If you plan to shed off your belly fat, incorporating protein into your diet will be highly effective. Proteins will not only aid you to lose weight but also plays a vital role in ensuring you don’t regain belly fat. Research has established that individuals who take more quality proteins typically have low amounts of abdominal fat.

Avoid foods with Trans fats

Trans fats are made by the addition of hydrogen in unsaturated fats. They can be found on spreads such as margarine and are also included in some processed food. However, today a majority of food producer are increasingly stopping the use of trans fats. Trans fats have been associated with heart disease, the gain of abdominal fat, insulin resistance and inflammation.  Studies involving animals have indicated that consuming diets rich in trans-fats cause as 33% increases in abdominal fats than taking a diet rich in mono-saturated fats. You can always ensure that you protect your health by reading the ingredients labels of any foods you buy. If any of these foods have got an ingredient with trans fats, avoid them. Often, trans fats are labelled as partially hydrogenated fats.

Avoid taking too much alcohol

While taking regulated amounts of alcohol has been linked with some health benefits, taking too much alcohol is harmful to your health. Studies associate taking too much alcohol with gaining belly fat. Specifically, heavy consumption of alcohol has been linked with the risk of developing central obesity, which is the storage of excess fat around the waist. By reducing your alcohol consumption, you can reduce the size of your waist.

Reduce your levels of stress

Stress can cause belly fat to increase by prompting the adrenal gland to produce the hormone cortisol, which is the hormone associated with stress. High levels of cortisol have been established to increase an individual’s appetite and cause the build-up of abdominal fat. To reduce belly fat, take part in pleasurable activities that will help relieve your stress. Some effective ways include meditation and having some yoga.

In conclusion, you have the necessary steps you need to take to reduce your belly fat with this article.

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